Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you do a ProPlayAI Assessment on the app?

A) Log into the App and click the 3 bars in the Top Left Corner

B) Choose the Assessments tab

C) Click the “+” symbol in the Top Right Corner

D) Upload your pitch from your phone gallery or take a video on camera

E) Ensure that the video meets the processing criteria for ProPlayAI Software, then press upload

F) You will get the below if your video is in processing

G) Please return to the Forum and wait for the email response from ProPlay that your pitch has been processed

H) Once you receive the email that your pitch as been processed(usually 1-2 minutes), you can analyze the Skeleton Overlay and the Report.


A) The videos uploaded must have the following criteria:

  • a. Taken from open faced side(Third Base side for Right Handed Pitchers, First Base side for Left Handed Pitchers)

  • b. Taken in atleast 60 FPS(Slo-Mo on Iphone is 120 FPS, please use this mode when taking video)

  • c. The Pitcher’s entire body should be visible throughout the duration of the recording

  • d. The Pitcher should be the main focus of video(i.e. please no scoreboards or other large objects in the video frame, as this can disrupt the video processing )

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